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51cecxc72elMy Book, titled "My Extraordinary Experiences" is a documentation of events that I have continually experienced that simply can not be explained by our current belief system.

As each event presented itself, I was challenged to seek answers and understanding as to how these could possible fit in with normal everyday life and everything that I have ever been taught about our existence, reality, and what it is to be human. What I had been taught, and what I was experiencing, just simply didn't add up.

My book not only imparts my extraordinary experiences, it also documents my thinking processes as I  piece together each piece of the greater jigsaw puzzle of life and concludes with my incredible discovery of just how multifaceted and amazing the human experience is. We are certainly far greater than what we think we are.

I have always known that one day I would write a book. I just wasn't sure as to what I would write about. The more these extraordinary events occurred, the more obvious it became as to what kind of book that would be. This is that book and I feel an incredible obligation to share these experiences and what I have learnt from them. My book will inspire a powerful shift in perception as you discover just how equally amazing, unique, and important you are, in the greater scheme of things.

"My Extraordinary Experiences"  is available in both paperback or ebook form for purchase through: / / / Barnes & Noble book stores-America / Order through Collins book stores - Australia and may be ordered globally through bookshops using Ingram Int. Distributors 

Readers comments:


“I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading it! This book had me bouncing off the walls! This book is a real page turner! Exhilarating! I had to read all night!... but I didn’t want it to end!”

Monika Riediger, Clifton Beach


“I could not put this book down! This book has changed how I look at life and everyday things that happen. It has made me more open minded and perceptive to the world around me. Very interesting and well written. I am grateful to have come across this fantastic book! " ...

Fleur Eenennamm, Qld.


“Very captivating!!! An amazing journey and so much wisdom gained. Thank you!”

Frank Burton… Qld.


“Loved this book! This book is addictive! It’s so original and captivating, I couldn’t put it down. It is so good, it is a must read!”                                                                            

Inge Rengganis. Melbourne, Vic.


“There is magic and wonder throughout this book. Viviana’s stories are enthralling and always surprising. Read each story with an open mind and you will be rewarded with more freedom and life possibility than you can ever imagine”…

HeatherAnn Smith… N.S.W.


“A sneak peak at how exciting life could be when we release limiting programming and expectations”…

Annabel Muis… Qld.


“I couldn’t put it down, this book has changed how I look at life” ..

Sylvia Walker… FNQ


"I read your book.. It set me back on my heels. I left the dishes in the sink overnight. I have never done that in my life before, and I've read the whole book in one go. Oh! What a fabulous book!"

Katie O'Neill... Qld


This is an easy to read book for me (I ordered it from Amazon US) as it is arranged into multiples events and I can read it while I am in the subway or bus. It brings back some of the fundamental questions about life which I have forgotten due to busy work-life. I have completed 4 events / chapters so far and I can feel the refection of words such as "how beautiful people shine, given the right conditions" - this is really true.

Jeremy Huang...Hong Kong

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